What is Remote A/C Monitoring?

December 16, 2022
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Remote A/C Monitoring is defined as having the ability to receive data and alerts via a mobile app or web portal regarding A/C system performance, equipment issues, or diagnostic intel—without physically being onsite.

What’s needed to send and receive accurate performance data and diagnostic intel is a way to transmit A/C system information, and a data intelligence platform that work together to gather and display:  

  • A/C performance data, minute-by-minute in real-time, 24/7
  • current and historical data to help pinpoint and diagnose A/C system issues
  • virtual gauges and amperage readings
  • alerts to flag when system issues occur

How does remote A/C monitoring work?

Traditional methods of diagnosing an A/C system require attaching manifold gauges and inspecting the condenser unit onsite, but remote A/C monitoring provides access to A/C performance data on a phone, from anywhere. Information is relayed from the A/C unit in real-time, 24/7 to an online intelligence platform. The platform stores the information while accurately displaying whether a system is performing well or is in need of repair or replacement. HVAC Contractors can see how well their customers’ systems are performing at a glance. They can also set alerts to flag certain conditions and events that will help them respond in real-time to system issues that occur across their customer base.

Simply put, the sole purpose of a remote A/C monitoring solution is to provide accurate, actionable data—data that powers your virtual window with a view into any existing or newly installed A/C system across your customer base. Keep in mind, as a best practice, when deploying this technology for your HVAC business, to select a platform that is equipment agnostic and allows you to monitor virtually any brand of A/C system from a single platform. One such solution is the Sentree remote A/C monitoring system that connects to any residential air conditioner (5 ton or below), in a matter of minutes.

With this kind of platform, your technicians can view live gauges and readings online before they go onsite, anytime they log in from a smartphone (via an app) or from a laptop (via a web portal). Ideally, you will want your remote A/C monitoring intelligence platform to display the same data as the traditional gauges that you hook up to equipment onsite, including: Superheat, Subcool, Pressures, Temperatures and Amperage Draw readings.

So what’s the point?

When you get right down to it, the ideal remote A/C monitoring system will: provide real-time A/C performance data, display current and historical data to verify installs and repairs, allow you to set alerts for system issues based on live data readings, provide real-time data to diagnose equipment issues, allow your technicians to view diagnostic data in advance of going to a client site, help your technicians come prepared with the right parts and equipment for each job, provide data to help you see how your technicians are performing in the field, and display data to help you identify potential sales opportunities. This all adds up to one innovative business intelligence solution that is set to take your HVAC business operations to the next level.

Good to know:

Remote A/C monitoring is a cutting edge HVAC technology solution that provides all of the following advantages:  

  • virtual gauges and readings for your team to remotely diagnose equipment issues
  • real-time and historical A/C performance data to plan for truck rolls and assign technicians
  • key customer data to plan for repair service, replacement parts and new system sales
  • instant equipment alerts to get in touch with clients before they call your competition

Beyond these key benefits, remote A/C monitoring helps HVAC businesses drive efficiencies and scale in major mission critical areas including:

  • client retention
  • brand reputation
  • team performance
  • operational excellence
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