Water Leak Sensors for Commercial Buildings

Install professional-grade sensors in hours, not days. Ease-of-use and a cellular connectionmean no WiFi or wired networks are needed so organizations can quickly scale within buildings and across portfolios. Sensors provide round-the-clock alerts and data even in a power outage.
Cellular communication
Sensor relay with antenna mounted on wall
Communication Hub
Sensor Relay creates a cellular communication link between Alert Labs companion sensors and the AlertAQTM water intelligence platform which provides cost-saving insights and alerts.
Flowie-O on water meter in pit
Water Flow Sensor
Flowie-O straps onto pre-existing water meters, single or compound, to collect water usage data minute by minute and send it to the AlertAQTM
platform for analysis and automatic leak detection.
Flood Sensor & Water Leak Detector
Floodie is a wireless, battery-operated sensor that detects the presence of water as well as the ambient temperature.
Shuttie on interior pipe
Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve
Shuttie automatically stops water flow to prevent water damage when a connected Floodie detects a leak, or by remote user action through the AlertAQTM platform and app. Valve sizes range from 3/4" to 6".
Humidity & Temperature Sensor
Humie detects humidity and temperature to help protect people and buildings against mold, heat, and cold.
Cables and Mounting Brackets
Enhance temperature detection, expand water leak detection coverage, and secure installation with these accessories. Expand Flowie-O’s water meter compatibility and increase Sensor Relay’s range using these accessory cables.

How it works

Enterprise-grade water sensor hardware and AI-powered water leak detection software enable building teams to cut time to respond, reducing damage and lowering costs.

01 Install in a Day

On-site hardware gathers data 24/7 and sends it to the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform.

02 Get Insights and Alerts

AlertAQ™ (for mobile and desktop) uses AI to generate cost-saving insights and sends alerts by phone call, text, email and in-app.

03 Resolve Problems Faster

Buildings teams respond to problems as soon as they happen to reduce damage, lower costs and sustain resources