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Always-on, reliable smart water management for processing plants, manufacturing facilities and factories with AlertAQ™.
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Why AlertAQ for industrial buildings:

Commercial water damage prevention
Identification of cost-saving opportunities
Reliable 24/7 alerts even in a power outage
Sustainability benchmarking and measurement
Insight into water intensive processes and appliances
Temperature, water shut-off and humidity solutions also available
Keep production going
Avoid water damage that can disrupt production schedules with easy-to use water detection solutions. Detect temperatures and shut-off water from anywhere.
More sustainable water
Maximize water efficiency by tracking every drop used within facilities. Receive alerts for abnormal water use – even for pre-existing leaks.
How to lower water costs at commercial buildings
Get this free guide about 5 ways commercial buildings can avoid downtime, improve sustainability and gain water visibility with Alert Labs solutions.
AlertAQ helps businesses measure ESG goals.
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Supermarket Chain Saves Over $100,000 In Annual Water Costs

Supermarket Chain Saves Over <span class="text-orange font-bold">$100,000</span> In Annual Water Costs

Commercial Office Building Avoids $150,000 in Top-Down Water Damage

Commercial Office Building Avoids <span class="text-orange font-bold">$150,000</span> in Top-Down Water Damage

Car Wash Location Avoids High Water Bill, Saves $80,416 Annually

Car Wash Location Avoids High Water Bill, Saves <span class="text-orange semi-bold">$80,416</span> Annually

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