Who is the Float Switch Alert System for?

The Float Switch Alert System and the AlertAQ™ platform are for HVAC businesses that want to (a) avoid water damage at customer’s homes due to overflowing drain pans and (b) be instantly notified when an A/C system has shut off because the condensate switch has been triggered.

How to install the Float Switch Alert System

The Float Switch Alert System can be installed on indoor residential air conditioning units in less than 10 minutes by a certified HVAC technician. The Float switch cable is connected to the existing wiring for the condensate overflow switch. This cable is plugged into the Floodie flood sensor which is placed inside the drain pan. No WiFi is required.

How does the Float Switch Alert System work?

The Float Switch Alert System is made up of three components: (1) the Floodie flood sensor (2) the Float switch cable and (3) the Sentree A/C monitoring system. When the float switch is triggered or there is water in the drain pan, Floodie communicates with Sentree which then relays the text, email or in-app alert to assigned users’ phones – such as an HVAC technician or dispatch manager.
Dimensions (WxLxH)
Floodie: 3 × 3 × 1" (75 × 75 × 29 mm)
Float switch cable: 8 ft
Floodie: 4.5 oz (129 g)
Float Switch Cable: 2 oz (58 g)
2× AA cell batteries (incl.)
Requires an Alert Labs cellular sensor.
1 year
Data displayed in AlertAQ™
Float switch activation, water in drain pan
Designed, built, distributed and supported by Alert Labs.
No WiFi required
HVAC technicians can connect the Float switch alert system in minutes.
Float switch monitoring
Float switch cable and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform generate unprecedented visibility into HVAC insights.
Float switch system inside drip pan
Float switch system device


Designed and built in North America, our cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.

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