Streamline water management
Drive sustainable, efficient and cost-saving water use across grocery stores and food processing locations throughout your portfolio with the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform.
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Smarter water management for grocers and wholesalers

Water solutions built for sustainability and facility teams that help minimize waste, prevent damage and lower costs.
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One source of truth
Standardized and accurate data for building out ESG initiatives.
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Share with all stakeholders
Easy to use interface allows everyone to be on the same page.
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Automated reporting
Customizable records of cost-saving temperature and water analytics.
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AlertAQ™ automatically analyzes water use data minute-by-minute, providing real-time information and alerting you to abnormalities. Monitor water use across all supermarket locations from a single dashboard without relying on error-prone water bill data. By identifying issues the moment they happen, AlertAQ™ helps you reduce water costs and lower CO2e emissions, enhancing your ESG performance.
Save water.
Reduce CO2e.
Inefficient water use at garden centers or food processing plants not only leads to high costs and wasted resources but also affects your ESG performance. When water is wasted, the energy that went into extracting, treating, distributing and heating it is wasted too, resulting in higher CO2e emissions. AlertAQ™ helps reduce water waste and your portfolio's carbon footprint.
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Avoid water damage, too
Water damage wastes water and increases your carbon footprint due to the new materials and energy used for restoration. Install scalable, easy-to-use water sensors in as little as 1 day.
Minimize water damage with AlertAQ™
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How to lower water costs at commercial buildings
Get this free guide about 5 ways commercial buildings can avoid downtime, improve sustainability and gain water visibility with Alert Labs solutions.
Silent leaks do exist. If you assume that you’ll see or hear every water leak, you could end up paying for silent leaks for years.
Zachary Morgan, Facility Manager
Longo's Supermarket Chain
National Retail Bank Prevents Water Damage with Water Leak Detection System

National Retail Bank Prevents Water Damage with Water Leak Detection System

College Saves $100,000 with AlertAQ™

College Saves <span class="text-orange font-bold">$100,000</span> with AlertAQ™ Water Intelligence

Supermarket Chain Saves Over $100,000 In Annual Water Costs

Supermarket Chain Saves Over <span class="text-orange font-bold">$100,000</span> In Annual Water Costs


Designed and built in North America, our cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.
Making an Impact
150 Million +
pounds of CO2e emissions prevented
6.9 billion +
gallons of water saved
200 thousand
leaks detected