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Water and temperature solutions that work almost as hard as the healthcare providers in medical facilities and assisted living homes.
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Why AlertAQ water intelligence:

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Avoid water damage in key areas
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Automatic temperature reports and alerts
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Reliable 24/7 alerts even in a power outage
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Measure ESG goals with auto-generated reports
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Real-time water use information before receiving water bills
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Humidity and water shut-off solutions available
Protect People & Medical Equipment
24/7 automated water leak phone calls instantly tell teams when and where leaks occur helping guard against water damage to advanced diagnostic equipment and other high-value assets. Always-on temperature monitoring with auto-generated reports helps keep people safe.
MRI room in a hospital with a leak alert notification
Cooling tower on top of a building with a notification alerting high water use
Greater water efficiency
Inefficient cooling towers, leaks in laundry facilities, and residents forgetting to turn off the water are all sources of high water costs. Automatic, minute-by-minute analysis of water usage and intelligent alerts based on water flow rates help make water use as efficient as possible.
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How to lower water costs at commercial buildings
Get this free guide about 5 ways commercial buildings can avoid downtime, improve sustainability and gain water visibility with Alert Labs solutions.
AlertAQ helps businesses measure ESG goals.
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Because of the phone call from the AlertAQ platform, we were there faster than another property manager who got a phone call from the fire alarm company. We saved at least 30 minutes.
- Associate Property Manager
Hospital Protects Patients & Infrastructure From Severe Water Damage

Hospital Protects Patients & Infrastructure From Sever Water Damage

Long-term Care Home Saves $197,100 Annually with AlertAQ™

Long-term Care Home Saves <span class="text-orange font-bold">$197,100</span> Annually with AlertAQ™

Medical Office Complex Averts Water Damage Disaster, Saves $20,000 with AlertAQ™

Medical Office Complex Averts Water Damage Disaster, Saves <span class="text-orange font-bold">$20,000</span> with AlertAQ™

Find out how AlertAQ can be customized for hospitals, long-term care and medical clinics.

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