Long-term Care Home Saves $197,100 Annually with AlertAQ™

September 29, 2021
Front exterior of a three-story long term care home in the summer

AlertAQ™ leak and flood solutions were installed at a low-rise, 160-bed long-term care facility to help reduce water operating expenses. The long-term care home is operated by a fully integrated real estate company with roughly 3.5 million square feet of commercial, multi-residential, seniors living and long term care properties.

The maintenance staff received an instant text message alert from the AlertAQ™ platform notifying them of a leak with a volume of 1,875 gallons per hour at a cost of $22.50 per hour according to local water and sewer rates.

The AlertAQ™ water use timeline shows the flow rate of the water leak (in red) before and after it was repaired.

The staff used data from the AlertAQ™ intelligence platform such as flow rate, % of time water was running and AI-powered analytics to narrow down the cause of the leak which turned out to be a broken plumbing fixture. The leak was fixed within a few days and high water bills were averted.

Without automatic leak detection and analytics from the Dashboard, the leak could have continued at a cost of $197,100 per year.

The fully integrated real estate company continues to expand its installation of AlertAQ solutions with sensors currently installed at over 60% of its properties. See how we can help your long-term care buildings.

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