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The Sensor Relay allows Alert Labs smart sensors to talk to the AlertAQ™ platform for cost-saving insights and alerts.
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Who is the Sensor Relay for?

The Sensor Relay and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform are for businesses and organizations who want a scalable, customizable and non-intrusive smart building solution that helps to protect people and property, lower operating costs and improve sustainability.

How To Install The Sensor Relay

Mount the Sensor Relay to the wall close to an indoor electrical outlet or simply place on a shelf. Contact us to learn more about range requirements and the number of Sensor Relays needed per building.

How does the Sensor Relay work?

The Sensor Relay receives data sent from Alert Labs smart building sensors and uploads it to the AlertAQ™ platform for cost-saving insights and instant phone call, text, in-app and email alerts.
Dimensions (WxLxH)
3.5 × 3 × 3.5" (90 × 80 × 90 mm)
9 oz (265 g)
120VAC electrical outlet
1 year
Data displayed in AlertAQ™
Depends on which Alert Labs sensors are installed onsite.
Designed, built, distributed and supported by Alert Labs.
No tools or WiFi required
Place Sensor Relay on a shelf or mount to a wall.
Reliable intelligence network
Sensor relays, Alert Labs sensors, and the AlertAQ™ platform work together to provide building owners and operators with cost-saving water & HVAC insights.
Sensor relay placed on wooden shelf
sensor relay with antenna being placed on wall
Sensor relay with antenna mounted on wall


Designed and built in North America, our cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.

You can only manage what you measure.

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