Who is Humie for?

Humie and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform are for businesses and organizations that want to protect people and buildings from mold, maintain temperatures within a specified range, and avoid damage due to heat or cold.

How to install Humie

Humie can be placed on a flat surface above the floor or mounted to a wall in areas at risk of damage due to mold or temperature: living spaces, mechanical rooms, construction sites, libraries. No tools or WiFi required.

How does Humie work?

When Humie detects temperatures or relative humidity (RH) that is outside of customizable thresholds, the AlertAQ™ platform sends a text, email or in-app notification to assigned users informing them of the location of the event.
Dimensions (WxLxH)
3 × 3 × 1" (75 × 75 × 29 mm)
4.5 oz (129 g)
2× AA cell batteries (incl.)
Requires Alert Labs cellular sensor
1 year
Data displayed in AlertAQ™
Relative Humidity (RH), Temperature
Designed, built, distributed and supported by Alert Labs.
No tools or WiFi required
Place Humie on a shelf or mount to a wall in areas at risk for mold growth or damage due to temperature changes.
Humidity & temperature monitoring
Humie and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform generate unprecedented visibility into humidity and temperature.


Designed and built in North America, our cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.

You can only manage what you measure.

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