New! Remote shut-off valves now available for pipe sizes up to 6"


Remote water shut-off valves for commercial buildings

Reduce the risk of water damage with smart sensors that let you shut off water remotely, automatically, or manually.
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Available in ¾” to 6” valve sizes

Create water zones and manage water flow intelligently at these locations and more:
Water Mains
Boiler Feed
Cooling Tower Makeup Lines
The AlertAQ™ water platform

Stop water damage with the tap of a button

Remotely open and close shut-off valves from the AlertAQ™ platform for mobile and desktop.
Pair with Floodie water leak detector to automatically shut off water when a leak is detected.
See valve status and a history of leak and flood events in the AlertAQ™ app.
Always on. Always working.
Thanks to a standalone, cellular network connection, Shuttie is more secure and more reliable than leading WiFi connected devices. Plus, it works even during power outages.
Optimized for multiple valve installations
Designed for scalability, Shuttie can be installed throughout buildings to ensure maximum control over water flow.
Battery or wall-powered
Different power options provide flexibility for your buildings' water management needs. To help ensure continued operation, the battery version sends low battery alerts.
Indoor or outdoor install
Smaller valve sizes are IP67 waterproof.
Click and drag to rotate Shuttie
Click and drag to rotate Shuttie
By helping us prevent future pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) leaks, Alert Labs remote water shut-off valves and AlertAQ™ free up resources. We can respond to other demand events more efficiently and avoid the costs from water damage that are not covered by insurance."
—    Facility Manager, BGIS
Part of a complete water management system
Shuttie remote water shut-off valves belong to the team of cellular-connected IoT sensors from Alert Labs. Learn more about how your buildings benefit from our solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is Shuttie installed?

Shuttie must be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with local regulations. Shuttie can be installed indoors or outdoors (battery model only) and works with most water systems: risers, irrigation lines, main water supply lines, sprinkler lines and more. No WiFi required.

How does automatic water shut-off work?

Water can automatically shut off when the user connects Shuttie to a Floodie water leak detector. When Floodie detects the presence of water, the AlertAQ™ platform tells Shuttie to turn off the water. This feature is optional and can be customized.

Can Shuttie be installed in commercial buildings?

Shuttie is designed for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and is compatible with most building materials.

What size of water shut-off valves do you offer?

Shuttie remote water shut-off valves are available for the following pipe sizes: ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”.

What is the price?

Please contact our team of water experts to get the latest information about pricing and your buildings’ unique needs.

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What are the specifications of Shuttie?

Shuttie (Battery) Dimensions

5.6 x 2.9 x 3.7" (142 x 74 x 93 mm)
Weight: 22.5 oz (638 g)
Power: 4× CR123A batteries (incl.)
Connection: Requires Alert Labs cellular sensor
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Data uploaded to AlertAQ™: Water Flow On/Off

Shuttie (Plug-In Control Module)

Dimensions (WxLxH):
9 1⁄2" × 6" × 2 3⁄4” (240mm × 150mm × 70 mm)
Power: 120 VAC electrical outlet, 9' 2" (2.8 m) power cord
Connection: Requires Alert Labs cellular sensor
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Data uploaded to AlertAQ™: Water Flow On/Off, Valve status

Which Shuttie is right for my buildings?

There are two main Shuttie models: battery and plug-in. The unique water management needs of your business determine which combination of Shutties to use. We recommend you consult with a water solutions expert for more information.

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Do you offer support?

We offer top-notch customer support via help articles, live chat, phone and email. To get in touch and to learn more, please visit our support page.

Find out how much damage Shuttie remote water shut-off valves can prevent.
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