Who is Floodie for?

Floodie and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform are for businesses and organizations that want to protect people and buildings from water damage, maintain temperatures within a specified range, and avoid damage due to heat or cold.

How to install Floodie

A 250,000 sq. ft. building can be outfitted with Floodie flood sensors in 1 day. Floodie can be placed vertically or horizontally in areas at risk for damage due to water leaks and temperature changes: under pipes, in A/C drain pans, near hot-water tanks, under sinks, beside washing machines, hard-to-access mechanical closets and so on. No tools or WiFi are required.

How does Floodie work?

When water touches Floodie, the AlertAQ™ platform makes a phone call to assigned users informing them of the location of the water leak. Text, email and in-app alerts are also triggered when temperatures go above or below customized thresholds.
Dimensions (WxLxH)
3 × 3 × 1" (75 × 75 × 29 mm)
4.5 oz (129 g)
2× AA cell batteries (incl.)
Requires Alert Labs cellular sensor
1 year
Data displayed in AlertAQ™
Water Leaks, Temperature
Designed, built, distributed and supported by Alert Labs.
No tools or WiFi required
Place Floodie horizontally or vertically in areas at risk for water damage due to leaks:
  • Server rooms
  • In-suite bathrooms
  • Medical equipment
  • Mechanical closets
  • Gymnasiums / athletic complexes
  • Previous water leak locations
Automated leak phone calls
When Floodie gets wet, the AlertAQ™ platform calls assigned users on the phone telling them the location of the leak.
Floodie being held to show metal contacts on bottom
Floodie installed on bathroom floor
Floodie device installed in mounting bracket next to toilet and mop
Floodie next to hot water tank
Floodie with temperature cord entering fridge
Floodie with flood cord around hot water tank
Flood Cable
Extend Floodie’s water detection area around water heaters and floor drains or along pipelines.
Temperature Cable
Monitor hard-to-access locations or areas with extreme temperatures like refrigerators or freezers.
Float switch system in drain pan
Float Switch Cable
For HVAC businesses that want to receive alerts when the HVAC float switch is activated.
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Floodie in mounting bracket installed on bottom of wall
Mounting Bracket
Secure Floodie with the mounting bracket to prevent it from being moved. Installs with two screws (included).


Designed and built in North America, our cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.

You can only manage what you measure.

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