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Smart water management solutions made for car washes that want to reduce utility costs and conserve resources.
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Why AlertAQ™ water intelligence:

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Avoid high water bills with real-time water use analysis
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Standardized water use tracking across multiple locations
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Receive 24/7 water alerts even in a power outage
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Detect pre-existing leaks and water use inefficencies
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Automate water use reports
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Optimize gallons of water per vehicle and track ESG goals
Stop High Bills
Early detection of water use inefficiencies is possible with minute-by-minute water use data and analysis from the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform. Receive alerts when water use patterns exceed thresholds and view historical water use to minimize water utility costs.
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What's your real GPV?
Calculate accurate gallons per vehicle (GPV) by dividing throughput data by hourly water use information. Detailed water use visibility helps ensure water reclamation systems and other machinery are operating at maximal efficiency.
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How to lower water costs at commercial buildings
Get this free guide about 5 ways commercial buildings can avoid downtime, improve sustainability and gain water visibility with Alert Labs solutions.
AlertAQ helps businesses measure ESG goals.
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If we had just examined our water bills, the high water use from the open valve could've gone on for months. But because AlertAQ™ alerted us to the problem right away,  we avoided a huge increase in water costs.
- Integration and Procurement Director
Car Wash Location Avoids High Water Bill, Saves $80,416 Annually

Car Wash Location Avoids High Water Bill, Saves <span class="text-orange semi-bold">$80,416</span> Annually

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