Who is Sentree for?

Sentree and the AlertAQ™ platform are for businesses and organizations that want 24/7 insight into the performance of their customers’ A/C systems.

How to install Sentree

Sentree can be installed on an A/C unit in less than 10 minutes by a certified HVAC technician. No WiFi is required.

How does Sentree work?

Sentree gathers the following A/C performance data minute-by-minute and uploads it to AlertAQ™ for analysis: vapor and liquid line pressure and temperature, calculated superheat and subcooling, average run time, amperage draw, ambient temperature and other information. Whenever there is a problem, assigned users receive an instant alert on their phone via text, email and in-app notification.
Dimensions (WxLxH)
6.5 × 4.25 × 1.75" (164 × 107 × 40 mm)
8 oz (220 g)
240V AC
1 year
Data uploaded to AlertAQ™
Liquid line pressure & temperature
Vapor line pressure & temperature
Amperage draw
Average A/C run time
Ambient temperature
Calculated superheat & subcooling
Designed, built, distributed and supported by Alert Labs.
No WiFi required
Quick and easy install for HVAC pros that doesn't require hours of technical support for your customers.
Real-time AC monitoring
Sentree and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform generate unprecedented visibility into HVAC insights.


Designed and built in North America, our cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.

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