BGIS Saves Client $1,000,000 in Water Damage with AlertAQ™

March 1, 2022

BGIS, a leading provider of facility management services that oversees more than 25,000 facilities worldwide, installed Alert Labs water intelligence solutions at research facilities in North America to protect assets against water damage due to leaks. Over the course of two years, the AlertAQ™ platform has helped the facility management company improve operational efficiency and avoid over $1,000,000 in water damage repair costs.

"AlertAQ™ has helped us prevent $1,000,000 in water damage to our client’s assets. We can respond to water leaks faster, especially after hours."

- Facility Manager, BGIS

Fast payback

Alert Labs water intelligence solutions were installed by BGIS at key locations in a 280,000 sq. ft., 7-story research facility. For the first four months after installation, AlertAQ™ detected 3 major floods and 2 water loss events. The failing water system infrastructure included: a faulty hose bib, circulating pump, steam line leak, sump pit pipe burst and boiler valve leak. Total savings were $175,000.

Water Leak Sensors Detect Burst Pipes and other Potential Water Damage Events
The AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform helped avoid significant damage caused by faulty hose bibs, leaky circulating pump, steam line leaks, sump pit pipe bursts, boiler valve leaks and others

Expanded rollout = increased savings

Based on the success of the initial installation phase, Alert Labs water sensors were installed in more locations throughout the research facility. The facility management team was able to deploy the sensors quickly because Alert Labs technology is easy to learn and works right out of the box without WiFi or major infrastructural changes.

After the water leak detection coverage was increased, more water damage events were discovered leading to savings of over $1,000,000.


A pressure relief valve malfunctioned and was pouring water down the drain. The Floodie water leak sensor detected the presence of water on the floor and alerted the facility team who responded by shutting off water for the loop within 20 minutes.

Automated Water Leak Phone Calls Help Prevent Water Damage
Automated leak phone calls from AlertAQ help teams respond early and avoid water damage to high-value assets.


The supply line for a humidifier was disconnected and water leaked onto the floor of the room which was next to a vault containing high value research equipment. The Alert Labs water sensor detected the leak and triggered an automated phone call to a staff member who responded immediately.

"If the humidifier had run all night, several hallways and the research equipment next door would have been completely damaged. But thanks to the automatic leak phone call from AlertAQ that didn’t happen."

- Facility Manager


  • Mechanical rooms
  • Washrooms
  • Aging and at-risk equipment
  • High-value research equipment


In addition to the water damage avoidance savings, BGIS's client was able to save on staffing costs as they no longer needed to hire a security guard to patrol the building 24/7 for leaks.

Facility and Property Management organizations are reducing operating costs, protecting buildings and measuring sustainability goals with Alert Labs solutions.