Car Wash Location Avoids High Water Bill, Saves $80,416 Annually

January 31, 2023
The interior of a tunnel car wash

A tunnel car wash in Oklahoma with an average daily throughput of 460 cars installed Alert Labs no-WiFi, wireless water sensors and AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform to reduce wasted water.

In January, AlertAQ™ sent a leak alert to staff members’ phones. The flow rate for the leak was 10.2 gallons per minute. After a brief investigation, it was discovered that a maintenance crew member had left open the water valve supply line to the final rinse arch. A leak of this nature can go undetected for many months and cost a single car wash location tens of thousands of dollars in wasted water. At a water rate of $0.015 per gallon, the total cost of the leak would have been $80,416.80 per year.

"If we had just examined our water bills, the high water use from the open valve could've gone on for months. But because AlertAQ™ alerted us to the problem right away,  we avoided a huge increase in water costs."

<div class="text-center body2">– Integration and Procurement Director</div>

A bar graph. Y-axis shows thousands of gallons of water. X-axis shows the date. Water use was higher before the valve was closed.
The AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform shows water use before and after the open water valve was closed. The water leak alert helped the car wash avoid a high water bill while conserving over 5M gallons of water.

Expanded rollout

The car wash company continues to improve water use efficiency across multiple locations with insights and alerts from AlertAQ™. 

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