World Water Day 2021: Saving Water Saves Energy

March 16, 2021
World Water Day 2021 Alert Labs Water Energy Nexus

In 2020, Alert Labs’ smart water solutions helped prevent 7.16 million pounds of CO2e from entering the atmosphere by alerting building owners and operators to leaks and floods. But how can detecting leaks and floods actually help lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs)?

It’s called the water-energy nexus and understanding how water and energy are connected can help commercial and residential water users save the Earth.

To help raise awareness of the water-energy nexus, and to support important programs in First Nations communities to make drinking water safe, we need your help.

From World Water Day on March 22 to Earth Day on April 22, Alert Labs will donate $1 to Water First charity every time someone shares one of our water-energy nexus posts with the hashtag #SaveWaterSaveEnergy on social media.

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How important is the water-energy nexus

In short, saving water saves energy. That’s because you need energy at each stage of the water life cycle: from water source, treatment plant, the tap, the sewer and back to the source. Every time water is wasted through leaks or floods, the energy that went into treating and distributing that water is wasted, too. This is even more true when heated water is wasted because the act of heating water requires more energy.

To help explain how the water-energy nexus applies to commercial and residential water use, we’ve created an infographic which you can download.

World Water Day 2021 Alert Labs Download PDF Infographic

The next time your business or household turns on the tap, take a moment to remember that saving water saves energy. Reducing wasted water can help save the Earth.

Water First

2021 marks the 3rd year that Alert Labs is proud to support Water First. Founded in 2009, Water First started as a clean drinking water project in Uganda. Working with First Nations communities in Canada since 2012, the organization helps resolve water challenges by implementing skills training programs in First Nations communities. Water First now focuses solely on First Nations water challenges, including drinking water and environmental water quality concerns. Guided by the belief that everyone has the right to safe, clean drinking water, Water First works closely with First Nations communities to integrate Indigenous values, customs, and traditions into their training programs.  

Alert Labs

Alert Labs Inc. provides award-winning water and AC intelligence solutions with the AlertAQ™ platform and IoT sensors designed and built in North America. Founded in 2015, the company helps organizations protect assets, lower operating costs and increase sustainability at their buildings. Alert Labs analyzes more than 25,000,000,000 gallons of water every year, has saved customers over $20,000,000 and has reduced CO2e emissions by over 36,000,000 pounds. Alert Labs is a subsidiary of Watsco Inc., the largest HVAC/R Distributor in North America.

World Water Day Alert Labs Fact Sheet
Learn more about how Alert Labs is helping organizations use resources more responsibly and protect people and buildings from damage.