The Perfect Christmas Gift for Parents, Landlords, and Snowbirds

December 12, 2017
The perfect Christmas gift for parents, property managers, landlords and snowbirds: Flowie and Floodie by Alert Labs

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that keep on giving. The continual peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home or the home of a loved one is being monitored 24/7 for pipe freezing temperatures, power outages, leaks and floods makes Alert Labs solutions the ideal present this Christmas for parents as well as landlords and snowbirds.

Homeowners save thousands of dollars by preventing water damage

Over this past year, we have seen our leak and flood protection system save customers thousands of dollars in reduced water bills and averted floods, leaks, and water damage. Most recently, a customer told us we helped them avoid major water damage in their laundry room. They were in a meeting one morning and got a flood alert on their phone. They were then able to get home and prevent hundreds of dollars in damages. Instant alerts mean avoiding the heartache of ruined property.

Did I remember to leave the furnace on?

Another customer told us about a trip she took to Florida. When a recent cold snap hit her Winnipeg home, she became worried that her home's pipes would freeze and burst because she wasn't sure the heat was on at her house. A quick look at the Alert Labs App installed on her phone assured her that her basement was a warm 19 degrees Celsius and that she could go back to thinking about more important temperatures like that of the hot tub. The AlertAQ water intelligence platform doesn't just monitor water use and leaks, it keeps track of temperature and humidity, too.

Leaking Toilet Detected by Flowie water Sensor GRAPH

Will my tenants tell me about a leak?

Property managers and landlords cannot always rely on residents to report water problems such as leaky toilets. One of our landlord customers saved more than $4,000 after installing Alert Labs solutions at two rental properties. Within a week, AlertAQ alerted him to unusual water use caused by a faulty stopper in two toilets. By creating a typical water use profile, AlertAQ identifies water use that deviates from the water profile for each building. This Christmas, give the gift of lower water bills and insight into water usage to a landlord or property manager you know.

Can I get leak and flood alerts for my parents' home?

Yes! If your parents are going away this winter or if you travel often, invite a friend, family member or neighbour to view and receive alerts about the property. And you can remove these contacts at any time. This sharing feature is also a great way to check up on your parents' home if they live out of town. AlertAQ can provide you peace of mind this holiday season.

Alert Labs solutions are designed for businesses that own or manage multiple buildings and units. If you're a homeowner looking for a solution for a small number of buildings and units, press the button below and fill out the form.