Office Building Roof & Condensate Line Leaks Detected by AlertAQ™

August 7, 2023
Office building uses water leak detection system

A 12-story, class A office building equipped with amenities such as restaurants, a gym and server rooms, protected high value assets with the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform.

We had some major rain and found multiple water intrusion thanks to the AlertAQ™ alarms. These alarms have alerted us to leaks in penthouse suites and chiller rooms that we did not know about.

– Chief Engineer

Rapid install

Alert Labs non-intrusive water leak solutions were installed throughout the 500,000 sq. ft. building within two days. The facilities team placed the sensors in and around penthouse suites and chiller rooms­ ­– areas which were at an elevated risk for water damage and less likely to be inspected on a regular basis.

Leaking roof triggers water leak phone calls

During June, rainwater seeped through parts of the roof above several penthouse suites that triggered 15 automated water leak phone calls from AlertAQ™. The strategic placement of the water leak detectors helped notify the building team of leaks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The detailed information contained in the alerts led to faster resolution times and prevented water damage and costly remediation.

Chiller rooms protected

The water problems didn’t stop at roof leaks. Because the building’s cooling system was operating for most days and nights during the summer, debris had built up in the condensate drain lines and they became clogged. When the drain pans subsequently overflowed, the water leak detectors placed in the pans immediately identified several water leaks and alerted the facility management teams.

The AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform displays multiple water leak alerts that were triggered during June due the extensive rainfall and clogged condensate lines. The early detection allowed facility management team to resolve problems fast.

Reducing water loss claims

The building in this success story is one of many insured by a national insurance carrier working with Alert Labs to improve their water loss prevention strategy. To date, the insurance carrier has saved over $80M in averted water damage losses.

Commercial water leak detection systems built for insurance companies.