New Water Sensor Tech Results In $10K In Savings For Non-Profit

March 22, 2018
house of friendship prevents $10 000 in water damage

Before Colin MacIntosh, Property Services Director with the House of Friendship, installed water leak detectors Flowie and Floodie, he was anxious about getting yet another 3 AM phone call about water damage. A call like that usually meant a hot water heater in one of the units at the supportive housing apartment building he manages had been leaking for days. Often, the water from the leak had just been discovered by a tenant living on the floor below, if he was lucky.

"When I would get a call in the middle of the night, I knew what I was dealing with. I knew I was walking into a mess," he says in an interview with Alert Labs.

House of friendship interview

Watch the interview with Colin MacIntosh where he tells Alert Labs how much water leak detector and flood sensor Floodie saved the House of Friendship.

Apartment building protected against major water damage

Since installing the wireless water leak sensors, the House of Friendship has easily saved $10 000 by avoiding water damage costs caused by leaking hot water heaters and other water problems at the Eby Village apartment building.

Colin says he can better protect against water damage caused by leaks and floods at the residences. "Now, I'm getting an advanced text warning from Flowie and Floodie ... and I know we're catching something before the storm hits," he says.

For a non-profit that provides services including supportive housing, a food bank, community centre, and homeless shelter, every dollar saved is, "another dollar we don't have to raise in addition or, can be put towards far more important causes," he says.

Alert Labs flood sensors and leak detectors are also helping property managers and homeowners save money by detecting leaky toilets and continual water use at residential properties.

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