Movie Studio Construction Project Avoids $40,000 in Water Damage

March 1, 2023
A multi-story commercial building against a bright blue sky

A multi-story movie studio office building complex of over 750,000 square feet averted construction delays and costly damage thanks to water intelligence from Alert Labs.

Automated Water Leak Phone Call

During an early morning rain storm on January 10, the wind blew open the exterior doors on level 10 at 6:26 a.m. The incoming water contacted the installed water leak detectors which caused the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform to send an automated phone call to assigned maintenance team members. The phone call included information about the time and location of the leak. 

Within a few hours, the maintenance team was able to resolve the leak and avoid $40,000 in estimated water damage.

The AlertAQ™ platform shows the start and stop time of the water ingress caused by the storm

Insurance Partner of Alert Labs

The company heading the construction project is a client of an investment and insurance company who partners with Alert Labs to provide insureds with smart water sensors and AlertAQ™ insights.

Commercial-Grade Water Intelligence 

Water intelligence provided by the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform and the wireless, no-WiFi Alert Labs water sensors have helped save construction sites and other commercial buildings over $50,000,000 in water damage and wasted water.

Commercial buildings and construction projects can avoid water disasters with intelligent alerts and insights.