Alert Labs Wins Three FacilitiesNet Maintenance Innovation Awards

December 21, 2022
Facilitiesnet Maintenance Innovation Awards Winners Alert Labs

Alert Labs, a leader in smart building solutions for water and A/C, has won three Maintenance Innovation Awards as chosen by readers of Facility Maintenance Decisions.

These awards celebrate the best products that contribute to the efficient and profitable management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States.

Both the Flowie-O water flow sensor and Floodie flood sensor were recognized in the Building Maintenance & Cleaning Category. Flowie-O also took home the best product in the Breakthrough Technology category.

Alert Labs is a standout among the winners for being one of only two companies to win in two different categories, and the only company to earn three awards.

We’re honored to be recognized for our data-driven water management solutions which bring significant value to commercial and institutional buildings. We’re proud that our water monitoring sensor Flowie-O and water leak detector Floodie – which are made right here in North America – have been instrumental in optimizing water usage and reducing costs for our customers

<p align="center" class="body2"> - Bob Wasserman, Alert Labs CEO</p>

Flowie-O Water Flow Sensor Attached to Commercial Water Meter
Flowie-O gathers water use data minute-by-minute and uploads it to AlertAQ™ for analysis.

Flowie-O water flow sensor

The Flowie-O water flow sensor monitors water use and sends real-time alerts via the AlertAQ™ intelligence platform. Facility managers across North America have used Flowie-O to save more than 7B gallons of water, reduce $20M in water costs, and cut CO2e emissions by 100M lbs and counting. Installation of Flowie-O takes minutes and does not require cutting pipe. No local internet or WiFi is required and because of a backup battery, Flowie-O keeps working in power outages.

Floodie Flood Sensor in Puddle of Water on Floor
A 250,000 sq. ft. building can be outfitted with Floodie flood sensors in 1 day.

Floodie flood sensor

When the Floodie flood sensor gets wet, it sends automated water leak phone calls and texts via the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform. To date, facility managers across North America have used Floodie to reduce response times to leaks and avoid over $50M in water damage costs. Floodie is non-invasive, takes one minute to install, requires no local internet or WiFi and keeps working in power outages.

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