Construction Company Avoids $6,000,000 in Water Damage with AlertAQ

August 1, 2021
High rise building under construction with construction crane

With the aim of minimizing business risk and preserving real estate assets, a construction company in the Eastern United States and a nationwide insurance carrier installed AlertAQ™ flood detection technology at the construction site of a high-rise luxury condo.

Water Leak Phone Call

At 11:08 a.m., the foreman onsite received an automatic phone call from the AlertAQ™ Water Intelligence Platform notifying him of a flood event on the 4th floor mechanical room. Armed with the knowledge of the exact location of the flood, the construction team were able to fix the problem within minutes. Construction in that section of the building was not scheduled to resume for several days so the flood would have caused catastrophic damage totaling an estimated $6,000,000.

Detecting water leaks at buildings from pre-construction to fully occupied is possible even without a local internet connection. Get a tour of AlertAQ™.