Associa Partners with Alert Labs, Communities Manage Water Smarter

November 17, 2020

Dallas, TX—November 18, 2020—Associa Advantage, Inc., an Associa® company, has partnered with Alert Labs to offer Associa clients in residential multi-unit buildings and communities across the United States and Canada, smart building sensors and software to help minimize wasted water and reduce risk of property damage due to leaks and floods.

The new partnership offers access to Alert Labs’ leak and flood solutions, which are fully customizable and scalable to protect each building according to its individual layout and areas at risk, giving building management teams flexibility not possible with other products available today. Property managers, maintenance teams, and onsite staff can monitor minute-by-minute water usage and receive alerts for abnormal usage, leaks, and floods to ensure that issues are caught before costly water damage occurs or high utility bills arrive.

Water leak detector sends flood alert due to condo flood
Condo and apartment buildings can set up whole building leak and flood systems in less than a day

These easy-to-use leak and flood solutions can be installed by in-house teams in less than one day, without IT or plumbing specialists. Live online tech support is available to assist with the installations, and sensors ship pre-configured with personalized installation locations assigned, such as ‘utility room boiler’, ‘laundry room washer #1’, or ‘unit #132 hot water heater’.

“When you manage buildings with multiple units and amenities like pools and fitness rooms, it’s often hard to know about hidden leaks or floods until after damage has occurred,” said George Tsintzouras, Chief Executive Officer at Alert Labs. “Our partnership with Associa gives condo boards and property management teams across the United States and Canada access to Alert Labs’ easy-to-install, professional-grade water management tools to better monitor and manage their water use and minimize property damage. Saving water and money is a win-win for the entire community.”

“Partnering with Alert Labs will provide our homeowner associations and maintenance teams with visibility and control of their utilities, while minimizing the risks and costs of water damage,” said Jennifer Shannon, Associa Advantage president. “Associa Advantage is always searching for new ways to improve the lives of residents living in our communities. We look forward to leveraging this partnership to help our communities reduce unexpected expenses and achieve their sustainability goals.”

About Alert Labs

Alert Labs Inc. is a software, hardware, and IoT technology firm that designs and manufactures a suite of award-winning smart sensors and building insights software for commercial and residential properties. Their easy-to-use sensors and software platform deliver real-time remote monitoring and 24/7 alerts with powerful analytics to help reduce utility bills, property damage, and repair and maintenance costs. The company partners with property managers, building owners, insurance companies, municipalities, schools and other organizations throughout North America. Alert Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Miami, FL-based Watsco, Inc. – the largest HVAC/R distributor in North America.

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Partnering with Alert Labs helps your organization give your customers unparalleled insights from smart building solutions with AlertAQ™.