Alert Labs - A Canadian Tire Pitch Day Success Story

September 10, 2018
Tony Laguardia VP Fixing Canadian Tire Retail Pitch Day

Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) kicked off its promotion of Pitch Day 2018 with the release of a video featuring smart sensor manufacturer, Alert Labs . Pitch Day is a way for Series A startups to present their business ideas to CTC executives which could result in investment or accelerator support.

“Alert Labs stood out as a company we wanted to work with because they really knew their market. They knew what they were trying to solve,” says Tony Laguardia, VP Fixing, Canadian Tire Retail.

Founded in 2015, Alert Labs designs and manufactures the easy-to-install Flowie water flow sensor which has saved property managers, cities and schools across North America thousands of dollars on water bills and potential water damage. Other products include the Floodie flood sensor and Sumpie sump pump sensor.

In the video, Alert Labs CEO and Co-founder, George Tsintzouras, tells potential Pitch Day applicants that their product “should have a clear value for the dealers and should have a clear value for Canadian Tire and its customer base.”

After presenting at Pitch Day in 2017, the Alert Labs partnership with Canadian Tire has enabled the company to exhibit at the annual Canadian Tire Convention Trade Show, and sell its products in a number of retail stores across southern Ontario.

Startups will have the opportunity to pitch to CTC executives on November 2 in Toronto.

Registration is now open and the deadline for applications is October 1, 2018. Startups are encouraged to apply on the Pitch Day website.

Reduce water consumption costs, protect buildings and measure sustainability goals with Alert Labs solutions.