8 Water Leaks Detected in 2 Weeks at Subsidized Multi-family Housing

October 25, 2022

An international charitable organization that provides housing services to the elderly installed Alert Labs water leak detectors and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform at a 50,000 sq. ft. apartment building in Los Angeles. Water leak sensors were installed throughout the 75 units located on 3 floors.

Within 24 hours of installation, the organization’s facility team received 2 automated water leak phone calls from the AlertAQ™ platform informing them of 2 leaking faucets in separate units. Over the next 2 weeks, 6 other flood events were detected and resolved by the staff after receiving the automated phone calls.

“AlertAQ™ detected 2 leaks in 24 hours. Not only did we avoid significant damage to the unit and the unit below, the elderly resident was able to remain in the unit because there was no damage.”

<p align="center">- Director of Loss Control & Compliance, Risk Management Department</p>

Expanded rollout

The organization continues to work with Alert Labs to install water management solutions at more of its real estate assets throughout North America. To learn more about Alert Labs water damage avoidance technology, visit alertlabs.com

The AlertAQ™ platform called facility team members as soon as a leak was detected in each of the units, helping to save the charity thousand sof dollars.

Table 1. Summary of water leak events

Date Sensor Location Flood/ Leak Notes
8/31/2022 Kitchen Flood Faucet leaking
8/31/2022 Kitchen Flood Faucet had a pin hole. Replaced faucet.
9/04/2022 Kitchen Flood Pipe under sink leaking, replaced pipe.
9/5/2022 Kitchen Flood Loose pipe under sink and rusted pipe leaking. Replaced pipes.
9/8/2022 Bathroom Flood Replaced toilet, tank leaking.
9/9/2022 Bathroom Flood Sink backed up and flooded bathroom.
9/10/2022 Bathroom Flood Sink backed up and flooded bathroom.
9/11/2022 Bathroom Flood Toilet clogged.

Charitable organizations and multi-family properties across North America are significantly reducing water damage costs with AlertAQ™.