$5,000,000 in Water Damage Avoided at School

August 1, 2022
Front exterior of a three story school building

A private day school in the Northeastern United States for students from grades 1 to 9 implemented Alert Labs solutions at three of its campuses and avoided 5,000,000 in water damage.

We're very grateful for AlertAQ™ helping us catch this flood early.

<p align="center">– Director of Facilities and Capital Projects</p>

Water Flow Alert Saves Campus

On Sunday, January 9th at 9:03 a.m., the Director of Facilities and Capital projects at a private day school in Massachusetts received a high water usage alert sent by the AlertAQ water intelligence platform. After she confirmed no staff were onsite using water, she went to the school and discovered an active flood in a large tutoring room and reception area.

The cleaning company had left a window open and extreme cold had caused a copper hot water line on an exterior wall to burst. The line froze overnight but had started to thaw Sunday morning causing the high water flow alert.

The AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform shows abnormal water use from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. when the leak was resolved. AlertAQ™ analyzes all water use minute-by-minute and sends instant text alerts for leaks and irregular water use patterns to assigned users

The Director of Facilities and Capital Projects shut off the water main and contacted a plumber to repair the line and a restoration company to dry out the two rooms.

I consider ourselves very lucky that the hot water line didn’t run for 24 hours until we were back on campus Monday morning. There was minor damage to some vinyl cove base and drywall but we only lost use of the affected area for 4 days as opposed to 4 weeks or months.

<p align="center">– Director of Facilities and Capital Projects</p>

Insurance carrier estimates potential damage

The school submitted a small claim to their insurance provider—an Alert Labs partner—who stated that given the flow rate of the leak, the age of the building, and the disruption to operations such as displacement of students, the leak would have cost $5,000,000 in damages if not detected early.

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