5 New Dashboard Features Help Improve Outcomes and Response Times

June 16, 2021

Whether you look after one condo building or your portfolio has a mix of apartment, government and commercial properties, you need an efficient way to monitor water and HVAC. That’s why we’re constantly developing new features for the AlertAQ™ Building Insights Dashboard to help you reduce costs due to water damage, water leaks or operating your HVAC business.

These 5 New Dashboard Benefits will help you improve operational outcomes and decrease response times to events like floods, leaks, humidity, or A/C malfunctions.

1. Avoid damage from humidity and temperature with humie

The Humie humidity and temperature sensor helps guard your properties against damage due to mold and temperature changes. You can customize your alert thresholds to make sure cement is curing in the right conditions or that mold doesn’t grow in vacant vacation properties, for example. Check out other ways Humie helps.

Humidity and temperature monitoring helps avoid mold and freezing damage.
Humie provides 24/7 WiFi and wire-free monitoring of humidity and temperature

2. Track your team’s response to leaks and floods with event history

Event history creates a full log of all activity related to an event such as a leak, flood, power outage or any other alert. You can now see:

  • Who was notified
  • When they were notified
  • Who added or edited notes
Create a full log of all activity related to leaks, floods, power outages or any other alert.
Tracking events from start to finish will help you identify inefficiencies so you can improve response times in future and lower operational expenditure.

You can also indicate STATUS (is the event acknowledged or not) and PRIORITY (the importance of a response: Urgent, Soon, or Later)

To view Event History go to the EVENTS tab and click on PRIORITY or NOTES

3. Reduce time to resolution and lower operating costs with alert quick actions

Alert Quick Actions allow you to set the priority of an event directly from the email or text alert itself.

Set priority for events directly from email or text alert.
To get instructions for using SMS quick actions, type “TIPS” when you receive a text alert from Alert Labs

To use Alert Quick Actions, you need to be the Administrator or have Team Member access. Go to Account Settings > Sharing to add Team Members or check your access permissions. Text alerts on iOS are also available.

Ongoing events are summarized on the Fleet Dash (desktop version only) which functions as the operations center for your business. From here, you can tackle the most urgent issues that will save you the most money.

Ongoing events are summarized on the Fleet Dash.
The Fleet Dash helps distill information so you can decide which problems need to be fixed first

4. Customize alert thresholds and controls

Alert Controls has been redesigned to give customers flexibility for each property they manage.

You can customize at 3 different levels:
Alerts - applies to all properties and sensors associated with an account
Property Settings - applies to a single property and all its sensors
Sensor Settings - overrides the Property Settings and Alerts for that specific sensor

Customize alert thresholds and recipients
With new Alerts Controls you can customize alerts according to your properties

There are also new Water Alerts and Temperature Alerts. Explore this new design to make sure you’re getting the alerts you need.

5. Water insights reports now available

The powerful Water Insights Reports allow you to generate reports for both individual properties and groups of properties effortlessly using the tagging feature (read this article to learn more about tags). The reports allow you to compare total cost with either the previous period or the previous year, best performer and worst performer for several metrics, and if there have been any leaks, the actual cost and projected annual cost of those leaks. You can even schedule reports to run automatically and email them to all stakeholders.

Water insights reports identify the most water efficient properties
Tagging properties and running Water Insights Reports helps identify cost savings and track performance like never before

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These new features along with all AlertAQ™ solutions are helping our customers reduce billions of gallons of wasted water and prevent over 17.9 million pounds of CO2e from being emitted into the atmosphere.

If you’re an Alert Labs customer and don’t have access to these features, contact your account representative or contact support by clicking on this speech icon in the bottom right of the screen:

Unique insights from the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform help you manage water smarter.