4 Intelligent Water Leak Detection Success Stories

June 11, 2021

Intelligent water leak detection is making water management much easier and more effective for buildings such as multifamily properties and government buildings. The following 4 stories demonstrate its value for your portfolio. But first, a quick definition.

What is intelligent water leak detection?

Intelligent water leak detection means: (1) identifying leaks based on minute-by-minute water flow data and (2) early detection of water damage.

Detecting leaks is intelligent with Flowie and Floodie flood sensor
Flowie and Floodie upload data to the AlertAQ™ Building Insights Dashboard which generates actionable insights

Property managers, facility managers and anyone who owns and operates buildings can monitor water flow minute-by-minute by installing non-invasive water flow sensors on water meters at their building. The water flow sensor uploads water flow data to an AI-powered dashboard where it is automatically analyzed for water use patterns. When an unusual pattern is detected, a text, email or in-app notification is sent to one or multiple users’ phones. Water flow rate, time of day and location of the sensor all contribute to identifying the likely source of the leak.

Intelligent water leak detection also involves detecting floods with cellular-connected flood sensors that are installed throughout the property: resident bathrooms, common areas and utility rooms. When these flood sensors get wet, they send a text, email, in-app or phone call notification.

Intelligent water leak detection helps resolve water problems months or even years faster than other leak detection methods. Now, the 4 stories.

1. Leak detected at apartment in Virginia

A 340-unit, garden-style apartment complex in Alexandria, Virginia installed the Flowie water flow sensor. Within a few days of installation, they received an alert telling them that water use was 100 gallons per hour higher than what it should be.

The property management team did a walk-through of the entire building replacing toilet flappers, leaky faucets and performing other fixes designed to conserve water. Water use returned to normal almost immediately.

Water use timeline shows leak highlighted in red
The maintenance team were able to see that the new fixtures and toilet flappers stopped the leak (highlighted in red).

Two important lessons here are that (1) intelligent water leak detection gave the maintenance team instant feedback, so they knew that their repairs were working and (2) a number of small changes added up to have a big effect on water cost savings.

2. Irrigation system causes high water use at condo

A high-rise condo in Toronto, Ontario also installed Flowie to track water use. The maintenance team received abnormal water use alerts a few weeks later. It turned out that the irrigation system was using too much water, costing approximately $100 a night.

Thanks to intelligent water leak detection, the team adjusted the settings on the irrigation system and avoided a surprise high water bill. The payback period was just a few weeks.

3. Flood detected at government building

A property management company in Montreal, Quebec placed Floodie flood sensors throughout a government building that they were managing.

All water damage events are automatically logged in the Building Insights Dashboard
The leak in the custodian's room was resolved within 5 minutes

A flood alert was sent to the team a few days after installation. The water from a leaking hot water tank in the janitor’s room had started to pool on the floor and came into contact with Floodie. The property management team turned off the water and avoided thousands of dollars in water damage and wasted water.

4. Leak alert avoids high water bill

A 3-story, low-rise apartment building in Halifax, Nova Scotia installed Flowie on the water meter.

One night, a maintenance team member received a leak alert on their phone indicating that the apartment building was using about 270 gallons of water more than usual. The maintenance team member took action. He slid a notice under each resident’s door stating that unusually high water use had been detected.

Within a few hours, the water usage returned to normal. The source turned out to be a plumbing fixture that a resident had forgotten to turn off.

The leak alert and quick actions of the maintenance team member saved the apartment complex from a high water bill and potential water damage.

Intelligent water leak detection for all buildings

These are just some of the ways that intelligent water leak detection is saving apartments, condos and government buildings from water damage and high water bills. To learn more, check out our solutions page for multifamily buildings or schedule a call to see how intelligent water leak detection can identify cost saving opportunities at your buildings.

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