SEntree A/C Service record Incentive Program

Share data. Earn rewards.

Get 12 months of access to AlertAQ™ ($96.00 value) for each A/C service record you provide for a service call completed after a Sentree remote A/C monitoring system was installed.

Additional Program Details

Can I send my service records by email?

Yes, you can also submit a pdf, jpg or doc of your service records to with the following information (Note: all information must be provided in order to receive the 12 months of access to the AlertAQ™ platform):
·    Sentree serial number (e.g. TG0.000.000.000) or address
·    Date and time of visit
·    Reason for visit (e.g., scheduled maintenance)
·    Description of the issue, if any
·    Summary of the service performed, if any
·    Did the service visit resolve the problem? If no, please explain.
* If sharing a copy of the service record (pdf, jpeg or doc), please remove or obfuscate any customer personal identifiable information (PII) before submitting.

Does a Sentree installation count as an eligible service call?

No, Sentree must be installed prior to the service call.

What if there isn't a problem during the service call?

Service calls where no issues are found are also eligible. Please submit the records for them, too.

If the same unit with a Sentree installed requires more than one service call, can I submit the records?

Yes, each unique service call is eligible, even if it's for the same unit.

Can I combine the 12 months of access to AlertAQ™ for the same Sentree?

Yes, each fully completed service record makes you eligible to receive 12 months of access to AlertAQ™ which can be combined and/or distributed across one or multiple Sentrees, e.g., 4 approved service records could give you 24 months of access for Sentree A and 24 months for Sentree B; or, 48 months for Sentree A, etc.

Is a partially complete service record eligible?

No, the form must have all fields completed or the email must contain all the information outlined above.

What are Sentree and AlertAQ™?

Vist for more information about the Sentree A/C Monitoring System and the AlertAQ™ A/C intelligence platform.

Is there a brochure or flyer I can download?

Yes, feel free to download and share this Sentree A/C Service Record Incentive Program brochure with your team.
Programs ends December 31, 2023.*
*Alert Labs reserves the right to change or terminate the Program at any time.