Smart Tech for your A/C
Sentree Remote A/C Monitoring
Avoid unexpected air conditioner breakdowns and improve efficiency with the Sentree Air Conditioning Monitoring System from Alert Labs.

Continuous Comfort You Can Count On

Keep your family, pets, home and property safe, and maximize your A/C investment with smart technology that lets your HVAC team monitor your A/C system performance remotely to help:

  • Minimize your energy costs
  • Optimize your comfort
  • Detect A/C leaks and reduce the risk of water damage
  • Know when equipment problems occur
  • Keep your A/C running at peak performance

A/C Performance Diagnostics and Alerts 24/7

Sentree notifies your HVAC service provider 24/7 when there is a problem with your A/C system. It helps them diagnose equipment issues quickly with current and historical system performance insights, and works to minimize both A/C downtime and the impact to your comfort.

24/7 Leak and Water Damage Alerts

The optional Floodie flood sensor and water leak detector pairs with Sentree to send alerts within seconds of detecting water leaks, and within minutes of noting when your indoor temperature goes above or below pre-set, customized thresholds, so you can rest easy knowing your home is covered 24/7.


Ask your HVAC contractor about Sentree by Alert Labs