Water Monitoring Sensor Detects Leak, Saves $50k at Vacant School

October 28, 2020

From commercial office space to school buildings, property management and maintenance teams are coping with new water monitoring challenges caused by physical distancing measures and empty buildings.

Before lockdown measures were enforced and schools were emptied, the forward thinking maintenance team at Tollgate School, Grand Erie School Board anticipated the need to adapt its water monitoring strategy. They decided to install cellular connected smart building sensors at their school buildings.

Water leak disaster avoided

One day after the school was vacated due to lockdowns, (potential) disaster struck.

Early in the morning, a maintenance worker received a leak alert on his phone that was sent from the AlertAQ water intelligence platform. It turns out that there was a cushion tank leak that was causing hundreds of gallons of water per hour.

Within hours, the leak was repaired and the water stopped.

Water monitoring sensor detects leak at vacant school due to covid 19
The red bars in the Water Usage Graph show both the time of the leak and its volume.

$50,000 in annual water costs saved

If the leak had not been stopped, the school could have ended up paying thousands of dollars in repair costs not to mention the bill for all the wasted water. Savings are estimated to be $50,000 a year.

Learn how your school buildings can gain water usage visibility and minimize water damage.