Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Retired Parents and Snowbirds

December 7, 2018

Choosing a Christmas gift for your retired parents or that snowbird on your Christmas list is easier than you think. Even if they’ve already taken flight for Florida, there’s still time for these Christmas gifts for your retired parents, grandparents or snowbirds.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great gift for retired parents or snowbirds

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an affordable tablet that makes a great gift for retired parents or snowbirds

Since the iPad was first introduced in 2010, tablets have gone down considerably in price. Your retired parents or that snowbird on your Christmas list will probably enjoy using the tablet for watching movies on the plane, making video calls and browsing the internet. These types of activities can be done on less expensive models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A which is available pretty much anywhere on the web. A tablet could be a great introduction into the wonderful world of smart devices and a great way to stay connected.

Photo book

Shutterfly Photo Book is a great gift for parents and snowbirds alike

Photo books from sites like Shutterfly are a great gift for grandparents or snowbirds who miss home

There are lots of online services that allow you to turn all your Instagram photos on your phone into real life photo books and Christmas cards. Shutterfly is one service that allows you to do this pretty easily. You just select the photos you want and in a week or two, your parents get a bound photo book delivered right to their doorstep. Pretty sweet.

Flowie water flow sensor

The Flowie water flow sensor is the perfect gift for parents who are snowbirds too

The Flowie water flow sensor sends leak or pipe freezing alarms to your phone

The last thing your snowbird mom and dad want to worry about while soaking up the sun in Florida is whether or not their pipes are frozen at home. Luckily, there’s the Flowie water flow sensor that detects things like the temperature in your basement, unusual water use and power outages. When you partner Flowie with the Floodie flood sensor you’ve got yourself a water damage security system. Best of all, you can receive alerts about their property on your phone, too. It’s remote house sitting without the worry or need to visit to make sure that everything is okay.


Tile clips onto keys so it makes a great gift for retired parents

Clip one of the Tile trackers onto keys so that your parents don’t lose them

If your mom and dad don’t remember as well as they used to, Tile makes handy trackers that attach to anything they’re likely to lose. It’s a great way to keep track of stuff like your cell phone or car keys. You attach the tile tracker to the thing you constantly misplace and register it with the easy app. Whenever you’re not sure where it is, you use the app to locate it. Easy peasy. Think of all the time your parents will save because they don’t need to look for their wallet as they step out the door for Salsa lessons.

Bluetooth speaker

The Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker enlivens your parents parties

The Wonderboom is a great sounding Bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof, too

Chances are your retired parents or your snowbird friends like to entertain. A bluetooth speaker is a great way for them to blast their tunes indoors or outdoors. Tech review site CNET has put together a list of 8 great Bluetooth speakers. Many of them come with built-in rechargeable batteries and super easy to use controls. And some are even water proof - perfect for when the speaker is near the pool. Pair their new speaker with a Spotify subscription and they’ll be the life of the party.

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Retired Parents or Snowbirds

As a socially conscious company, we feel compelled to tell you that the best gift you can give your parents is your love and time. But seriously, you know that you need to buy them something. Check out these other awesome sensors that help lower water bills and prevent water damage at your parents’ house or even your own property.

Flowie water flow sensor

Floodie flood sensor

Happy Holidays!

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