Toilet Paper Hoarding is Bad Business Continuity Planning

March 11, 2020
Toilet paper hoarding is bad business continuity planning

Remote monitoring for property managers can minimize risk to employees and buildings

As business owners, we know that managing a business has challenges at the best of times – hiring the right talent, keeping customers happy, paying the bills… but now we have the added strain of managing the impact of an international virus pandemic.

If you’re like me, you are already taking steps to protect your employees and business operations. We send out reminders about good hygiene practices, set travel restrictions and work from home policies for office staff. Working from home is not realistic for facilities managers and technicians, but there is something we can do to help reduce their risk: remote monitoring.

Monitor properties remotely

Remote monitoring tools are an easy and affordable way to give you insight into what’s going on at your properties, without having your employees travel from building to building. This helps reduce exposure to illnesses for your employees, and allows you to continue managing your portfolio.

The AlertAQ water intelligence platform provides real-time water usage information which can tell you how many of your tenants are onsite. Having insight into occupancy is crucial because there is a higher frequency of losses from water damage in vacant buildings according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Water damage can easily exceed $100,000, so mitigating water-related losses is worth the effort.

Remote water usage monitoring
You can monitor your entire portfolio on your phone or computer

AlertAQ also tells you in real-time about property temperature, humidity, and the state of electrical power (on or off). You can access this valuable information about the health of your properties from your phone or computer, wherever you are.

Smarter business continuity planning

At Alert Labs, we’re proud of the value that our products bring to customers to help them save wasted water, energy, and money. And now, we are even more grateful that our remote monitoring tools are becoming an important part of our customers’ business continuity plans.

Our business operations need to adapt to these uncertain times. Taking an hour to install remote monitoring today can help build confidence in your business operations – for both your employees and customers. And, it doesn’t hurt to check that you have enough toilet paper.

Reduce operating costs, protect buildings and measure sustainability goals with Alert Labs solutions.