Commercial Office Buildings Avoid Water Damage with AlertAQ

February 24, 2022

The AlertAQ platform was installed at several commercial office buildings that are part of a property management company’s portfolio. AlertAQ sent alerts for a water leak and freezing temperatures which saved two office buildings from significant water damage repair costs, negative occupant experience and business interruptions.

Water leak phone call

The sprinkler system in the basement of a commercial building suddenly burst leading to partial damage of 850 linear feet of drywall. As soon as the water contacted Alert Labs water leak sensors, the AlertAQ platform made a phone call to the associate property manager.

"Because of the phone call from the AlertAQ platform, we were there faster than another property manager who got a phone call from the fire alarm company. We saved at least 30 minutes."

- Associate Property Manager

The property management company uses the AlertAQ water intelligence platform to view the start and stop time of events such as water leaks, temperature, humidity and power status. An automated record of events helps keep all stakeholders informed.

Automated phone calls for water leaks help avoid water damage - Alert Labs AlertAQ
The early detection water leak phone call helped minimize the damage and save thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Low temperature alert

During an extreme cold warning, the property manager on call received a text alert on his phone indicating that near-freezing temperatures were detected in a mechanical room.

Low temperature alerts protect against water damage due to frozen pipes that burst - Alert Labs AlertAQ

The property manager discovered that a return air door had been left open after maintenance staff had completed work in the room. A pipe did freeze but the damage was limited to a small area which was easily cleaned up without incurring any repair costs.

“The Alert Labs water intelligence solutions have proven themselves. We’re hyped about rolling them out to more of our properties.”

- Associate Property Manager


AlertAQ’s early detection of water leaks, low/high temperatures, power outages, and humidity levels is helping businesses protect buildings and the people that use them. Contact us to learn how the AlertAQ water intelligence platform can help your business.

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