New Custom Air Conditioning Superheat and Subcool Alerts

June 23, 2020
Custom A/C superheat and subcool alert

We are giving you more control over how you receive superheat and subcool alerts with the Sentree A/C Monitoring System. Our customers have shared with us that sometimes there are unique circumstances for an A/C unit and they would like to be able to modify when they get alerted.

What does this mean

You can now set the high and low values for superheat and subcool alerting for each Sentree in your install base. The settings can be found under Sensor Settings.

Custom air conditioning alerts for subcool and superheat
Set thresholds for superheat and subcool in the Building Insights Dashboard

Why are alert thresholds important?

Being able to manually set superheat and subcool alert thresholds is important because each installation is different. You may want some units to be more or less sensitive than our default alerting algorithms. You may have non-standard installations that aren’t calibrated to our diagnostics (e.g. geothermal). Now you have the ability to set unique thresholds that make sense for your units and for your business.

We look forward to letting you know about more exciting things in the works in the coming weeks!  

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