Mitigate Risk of Self-Insurance with Smart Leak and Flood Solutions

May 4, 2020

Maintenance teams at multi-family properties carry out routine walk-throughs and inspections as part of asset preservation strategy. The two main disadvantages of this approach are that they are resource intensive and cannot be done remotely. Smart leak and flood solutions allow teams to monitor remotely help keep tenants and staff safe and buildings damage-free 24/7.

Water leak detectors that send alerts, and even make phone calls, whenever a water damage event occurs ensure that your team can intervene early – potentially avoiding the need to file an insurance claim and absorb the cost of repairs. In short, smart leak and flood solutions can help lower the risk of self-insurance.

Minimize water damage risk at all MDU, multi-family housing and commercial real estate
A garden style apartment, high-rise residential building or any multi-family property can be monitored for leaks and floods with smart sensors.

24/7 leak and flood monitoring

Even before current distancing measures, walking the building can still miss the most costly sources of water damage such as pinhole leaks behind drywall. Without smart building sensors that monitor 24/7 for leaks and floods, assets remain exposed to catastrophic losses.

Real preventative maintenance is possible with IoT (Internet of things) smart building sensors and software (e.g. water flow sensors to detect leaks). The risk of damage and losses can be minimized with instant text and email alerts for:

  • Abnormal water usage
  • Leaks
  • Floods
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power outages

Early detection of leaks and floods can help prevent major water damage
Early detection of leaks and floods can help prevent major water damage.

Shut-off water from your phone

Automatic water shut off isn’t new. But the latest innovations in smart building tech have greatly improved it. You can use water usage data to decide when to remotely shut off water by tapping a button on your smartphone or computer.

The most reliable smart building sensors are like your cell phone. They don't need WiFi or a local internet connection and they’re always on. Monitoring continues even during power outages or WiFi interruptions.

Mitigating the risk of self-insurance with early detection of water damage events is one of the many advantages of using smart leak and flood solutions for MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units). Better visibility into water usage gives operations teams more control over water costs and can help boost NOI (Net Operating Income).

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