Leak Detection System Stops $750,000 in Water Damage at Mixed-Use Building

May 14, 2024
Exterior of mixed use commercial building that avoided water damage

A 15-story, mixed-use building in Downtown Orlando, Florida avoided major water damage thanks to multiple leak alerts sent from the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform.

The water damage definitely would have been worse without the alerts.
— Facilities Manager

Automated Leak Phone Calls Avert Disaster

At 1:44 p.m. on a weekday, the facilities manager onsite at the 200,000 square foot building received the first of several automated water leak phone calls about a leak in the mechanical room on the fifth floor. In quick succession, three more water leak phone calls were made by the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform as the water flowed down from the fifth to the second floor.

The substantial flow rate of the water meant that a quick response time was necessary to mitigate water damage.

The on-duty facilities manager discovered that the cause of the leak was a PVC pipe that had been improperly glued together.

Because the water was shut off before it affected electrical or mechanical systems, a potential water damage disaster was reduced to a minor clean up for the maintenance crew. Thanks to the instant alerts from the Alert Labs water leak detection system, he was able to shut off the water onsite before it caused damage to any electrical or mechanical systems. A potential water damage disaster that would have cost $750 thousand was reduced to a minor clean up for the maintenance crew.

The AlertAQ™ platform shows multiple leak alerts starting on the fifth floor and ending on the second.

Reducing Water Loss Claims

The building in this success story is one of many insured by a national insurance carrier working with Alert Labs to improve their water loss prevention strategy. To date, Alert Labs insurance partners have saved over $100M in averted water damage losses.

Stop water damage fast for all buildings within your commercial portfolio.