International Hotel Chain Saves $510,000+ with AlertAQ™

May 3, 2022
A luxury hotel with palm tree in the foreground on a sunny day

An international hotel chain with locations in the United States was looking for ways to bolster its sustainability initiatives and better manage its increasing water costs. They installed Alert Labs water flow sensors at several sites to help achieve these goals.

More and more hotel groups are turning to smart water use management and real-time leak and flood detection to realize sustainability goals and minimize negative impacts to their guest experience.

On June 13 at 8:00 a.m., the facilities team received a text message alert about unusual water usage at a volume of 62 gallons per minute. The volume data, time of day and the location of the water flow sensor assisted the team with identifying the problem: a leaking cooling tower. The leak was fixed within hours saving the hotel $510,862 in annual water costs.

The AI-powered AlertAQ Building Insights Platform automatically identifies abnormal water use which can result in significant cost-saving opportunities.

Smart leak & flood solutions

This hotel chain is one of the thousands of commercial buildngs that are minimizing damage and reducing water costs with AlertAQ™.

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