Alert Labs Wins Insurance Business Magazine InsurTech Award

November 23, 2021

The results are in. Alert Labs is honored to win Insurance Business Magazine's 5-Star Insurance Technology Provider award.

Alert Labs receives the award for adding value to brokers and for transforming the insurance industry with AlertAQ, its innovative water intelligence platform. AlertAQ allows insurers to minimize water damage risk and continues to help clients reach their goals such as a construction company that avoided $6,000,000 in water damage.

“We’re extremely proud of our commitment to providing insurers and their clients with intelligent water solutions that allow them to avoid water damage and subsequent financial loss. This award represents the growing importance in the insurance industry of using real-time information about water flow to prevent water damage,” says Blair Melton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Alert Labs.

The growing importance of water intelligence technologies in the insurance industry can be seen in the growing number of Insurance Carriers, Brokers and MGAs across North America that are using Alert Labs solutions to significantly reduce the size and frequency of water damage claims.

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Minimize water damage losses with cellular-connected, leak and flood detection technology from Alert Labs.