How Our Customers Stopped 29.8M Pounds of CO2e Emissions

March 8, 2022

Buildings across North America rely on Alert Labs water intelligence solutions to track minute-by-minute water use which helps lower water costs and avoid water damage. In addition to these water cost savings, customers are also lowering their carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions because each drop of water is part of the water-energy nexus. To date, our customers have prevented 29,800,000 pounds of CO2e emissions.

Whether it’s the irrigation system at a luxury condo or a public washroom in a 250,000 sq. ft. shopping center, each drop of water requires energy for distributing, pumping, heating, and treating. When water is wasted, its embedded energy is wasted, too. And that energy comes from a variety of sources, some of which are green like solar power and some, not so much, like coal.

10 million water leaks detected and 29 million pounds of CO2e emissions prevented by Alert Labs customers

But Alert Labs customers are able to avoid wasting that energy because they’re detecting water leaks and inefficiencies with the AlertAQ water intelligence platform. Every automated text alert sent from AlertAQ is an opportunity for a facility team or a property management team, for example, to fix a water problem. Doing so brings them closer to reaching their ESG goals and emitting fewer pounds of CO2e.

Since 2015, Alert Labs has been helping customers detect water leaks, protect people and buildings and use water and energy more efficiently. We’re proud of our customers' successes and their contribution to making the world’s buildings more sustainable.

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