COVID-19: Managing Your Properties from Offsite

March 17, 2020
Manage properties offsite as a super property manager during COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, you’ve been told to stay home. You’ve been told to stay away from other people. BUT, you have employees, tenants, and customers that rely on you. How can you deliver on your commitment to keep your properties safe and well maintained, while also staying away?

Monitor all properties with one dashboard

Alert Labs’ smart sensors are designed to help with this. After an easy 10 minute, one-time installation that does not require a plumber or electrician, you can monitor all of your properties from one simple dashboard. Temperature, power status, water use, leak status – all in one place. And, Alert Labs’ sensors are cellular-connected, so you don’t have to worry about local internet or WiFi access failures.

You receive alerts on your phone and computer for any unusual activity, like high water use – which could indicate a burst pipe or tap left on – or a power outage, or a flood. You can then make informed decisions about which maintenance specialist to send in an emergency. Maintenance staff can reduce their risk of exposure because they do not need to do routine checks and walk-throughs.

Remote monitoring of properties for property managers
Shut-off water remotely and receive leak and flood alerts at all your properties

You can gain important property insights from the safety of your home office. Installing smart sensors at properties is similar to having security guards stationed at each of the riskiest sites for water damage. Mechanical rooms, tenant bathrooms, and other plumbing fixtures and water using appliances can be monitored 24/7 without the increased risk of an employee or tenant becoming sick.

Protect buildings 24/7

Alert Labs has support specialists available by phone, email, chat or video call to guide you through any questions or to provide tips on the best ways to ensure your property is remotely monitored.

Reduce the risk of property damage from water damage by monitoring water use and remotely controlling water flow.