Condo Avoids Major Water Damage with AlertAQ™

June 5, 2021

A 125,000 square foot, luxury condominium with 13 stories and 135 suites installed Alert Labs water leak detectors and avoided thousands of dollars of water damage. 

“I would highly recommend AlertAQ to anyone.”

Paul Moreland, Property Manager

Within a few weeks of setting up the cellular-connected water leak detectors along with the AlertAQ water intelligence platform, the property manager, Paul Moreland, received an automated leak phone call. 

Paul was informed that there was a leak in one of the units on the upper floors. The response was swift. His team went to the unit in question to inform the resident who was unaware of the leak: a washing machine house had burst and water had started pooling on the floor. The water was promptly shut-off, mopped up and the hose repaired.

From receiving the automated phone call to the leak being resolved was about 15 minutes. Because the leak was resolved so quickly, there wasn’t any damage to the unit with the leaking washing machine nor in the units below. 

“My condo board members told me one of the smartest things we've ever done is install Alert Labs solutions at our building.”

  • Paul Moreland, Property Manager

HOAs and condos are protecting reserve funds and improving resident satisfaction with AlertAQ.