Alert Labs Expands Water Tech with Flowie-O & Shuttie Saving Water & Damage

October 2, 2019

Water flow sensor: Flowie-o

Alert Labs announces the expansion of its water sensor technology to help more organizations reduce wasted water, property damage, and utility costs. Building on the success of the Flowie water flow sensor, Alert Labs has now expanded its capabilities with a new water flow solution, Flowie-O. Flowie has been saving property managers up to 23% on water costs and minimizing property damage since 2016. Flowie-O is designed to easily connect to both outdoor and indoor water meters. It learns water use patterns and sends alerts to your phone or computer for power outages, temperature, humidity, leaks, and unusual water usage - no WiFi required.

Water flow sensor detects leaks to lower water bills, Flowie-O
The Flowie-O water flow sensor takes seconds to strap onto indoor and outdoor water meters

Automatic water shut-off valve: Shuttie

Alert Labs also announces the release of their automatic water shut-off valve, Shuttie. Shuttie shuts off water mains to reduce water damage at the source. Using Shuttie, property managers have the flexibility to remotely shut off water based on the property’s unique water usage patterns and alerts. Shuttie can also shut off water automatically for maximum protection and cost savings. Both Flowie-O and Shuttie connect to the internet via the cellular network, so they will continue to work during power outages, unlike WiFi devices.

Automatic water shut-off valve stops water damage, Shuttie
The Shuttie Automatic Water Shut-off Valve shuts down water damage.

Commercial dashboard reduces water costs

“I use the Alert Labs dashboard to look at our buildings, comparing the water consumption between the different municipalities to get a better understanding of water costs,” explains Joanna Jackson, Building Performance Specialist, responsible for overseeing 8,800 units at The Minto Group. “I can drill down and figure out exactly what the water issues are in the buildings, seeing all of the properties I manage to prioritize, then repair the most costly buildings to significantly reduce our total water costs.”

Property managers use the Alert Labs Commercial Dashboard to learn about their buildings and compare water usage across their portfolio. This allows them to take proactive steps to address issues and prioritize maintenance projects, whether fixing a leaking toilet, replacing old fixtures, or remotely shutting off water that has been left running - before damage occurs.

“Rising utility fees and repair costs are concerns for most property owners across North America,” says George Tsintzouras, CEO and co-founder of Alert Labs. “We’re proud to add Flowie-O and Shuttie to the solutions we offer for reducing water waste and property damage. For organizations that manage multi-residential and commercial properties, having the insight into water use gives them control at their buildings and helps to reduce operational expenses.”  

Team of smart building sensors

Flowie-O and Shuttie join the Alert Labs team of smart building sensors, including Floodie - a flood sensor, Sumpie - the world’s first predictive sump pump sensor and the Sentree A/C monitoring system. Alert Labs is actively tracking 24 billion gallons (91 billion liters) of water annually.

Flowie-O and Shuttie will be showcased at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Expo, Booth #408, October 2-3, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

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