Non-Profit Housing Detects Leak, Saves Big with AlertAQ™

November 12, 2020
“Given the events that we’ve had and the simplicity in finding the issues, I would highly recommend AlertAQ for any building or complex.”

- Tom, Acting Manager Maintenance Services, Hamilton East Kiwanis Homes

Hamilton East Kiwanis Homes manages over 1,000 units across 320 single family homes, 6 multi-family apartments, and 7 townhouse complexes. AlertAQ is helping people like Tom Moore, Acting Manager Maintenance Services, detect water leaks to reduce operating costs and ensure their budget goes towards serving the community.

On October 9, Tom received an alert from the AlertAQ water intelligence platform which told Tom and his team that there was an ongoing leak at 71 Sanford Avenue, a 6-story multi-family apartment building with 66 units.

The AlertAQ water intelligence platform alerted Tom and his team to a 2 gallon per minute leak

“I’m not a technical person but AlertAQ is easy to navigate and use.”

The property team sprung into action and began knocking on doors at the complex to uncover the source of the leak: a toilet on the 2nd floor was in a constant flushing state and was wasting 2 gallons of water a minute. The water was shut off and the toilet repaired all within 90 minutes. Without the alert from AlertAQ, the leak would have continued until the tenant informed Tom's team weeks or even months later.

“Since we've had the Flowies installed, there's a sense of calmness and peace of mind.”

As a government funded provider of low-income housing, reducing operational costs allows Tom and his team to provide the highest level of affordable housing possible to the community.

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