Dashboard Tips: Get The Most Out Of The Building Insights Dashboard

December 11, 2020

The past year has been hard for everyone including those who own or manage buildings. We hope that the new Building Insights Dashboard features released this year will help make it easier to take care of your buildings, manage water usage more cost effectively and minimize the risk of water damage.

Property tags

Now you can organize your properties using flexible tags to help you better analyze performance and operating expenses of groups of assets. Organize by region, by property size, whether irrigation lines exist, etc. Tags also unlock future functionality like the new Water Reports (see below).

How to use

Properties Tab > Click/Tap on "<" on the left hand side. Click “+” to create a new tag.

Group properties to help you better manage water costs
Tags help you group properties in a way that makes sense for your business

Fleet dash

Prioritize property issues from most to least urgent. This new feature allows you to triage what should be actioned immediately and what can wait.

How to use

Dash Tab

Prioritize water damage and leak events
The Fleet Dash means the most pressing problems are always top of mind

Event notes and prioritization

Document events by making notes of what happened, what caused it, and who fixed it. Learn from incidents and work to prevent them from happening in the future. The priority you set for each note is shown in the Fleet Dash.

How to use

Events Tab > Click/Tap "Add Note" > Type your note and select the priority

Add notes to events
Add Notes allows you to document events as they happen on your properties.

Event thresholds: water sensors

Many customers have asked for this feature and now we've delivered. Override the global default threshold for any water sensor, giving you great flexibility across your portfolio.

How to use

Sensors Tab > Click/Tap on name of sensor > Modify settings under Water Usage Thresholds & Alerts

Event thresholds for water sensors
Set a unique threshold for any sensor to adapt to each property's unique water fingerprint.

Event thresholds: HVAC

Custom thresholds are also available for HVAC Sensors.

How to use

Sensors Tab > Click/Tap on name of sensor > Modify settings under Notifications

Event thresholds HVAC
Don’t want to be alerted to minor superheat and subcool changes? Set a manual threshold for those alerts.

Flood page

Updates to the Flood page allow you to see: how many flood pucks are on the property, whether they are dry or not, when any recent flood occurred, and how long that flood lasted.

How to use

Properties Tab > Click/Tap name of property > Click/Tap tile with "Flood" at the top

new flood page
The new flood page gives you better information about floods and time to resolution.

Tiered water rates

Track water consumption and sewage/waste water costs separately, include fixed costs, and input different rates based on how much water is used per month. All of these new data points make planning for water costs much easier.

How to use

Property Settings > Click/Tap Water Costs > Click/Tap Tiered Rates

Tiered water rates
The Building Insights Dashboard is always learning and updating your typical consumption over time.

Water reports

Managing water costs is faster and easier with Water Reports. See total cost compared to either the previous period or the previous year, best performer and worst performer for several metrics, and if there has been any leaks, the actual cost and projected annual cost of those leaks.


Water Reports are currently available as a free Premium Beta. To request early access to Water Reports, please fill out the form.

How to use

Reports Tab > Select options from drop down menus > Run report

Water Reports
You’ll better understand how water costs compare across properties and time with these new Water Reports.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. If you have any questions, please use the speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner of this page to chat with customer support.

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