Temperature sensors for commercial buildings

Protect against freezing pipes

Wireless temperature detectors that provide reliable alerts & insights 24/7 without needing a local internet connection or WiFi.
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Commercial-Grade Temperature Solutions

Upgrade from manual temperature checks by using Alert Labs award-winning, commercial sensors as your go-to solution for detecting temperatures remotely.
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Text alerts for high/low temp
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Scalable to multiple buildings
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No WiFi or wired networks needed
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Auto-generated temp. reports
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Works in power outages
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Made in North America

Protect against damage caused by mold, heat and cold with Humie humidity & temperature sensor. This humidity and temperature detector can be easily installed on any flat surface or mounted to a wall in high-risk areas such as living spaces, mechanical rooms, construction sites and libraries.

No tools, WiFi, local internet connection or wired networks are needed.

When Humie detects temperatures or relative humidity that exceed customized thresholds, the AlertAQ™ intelligence platform sends a text, email or push notification to designated users’ phones with the location of the problem including temperature and humidity information.

Powered by 2×AA batteries, Humie provides unparalleled visibility into humidity and temperature helping to prevent damage from frozen pipes that burst and food spoilage due to refrigeration failure.

A humidity and temperature sensor mounted on a concrete wall.Humidity and temperature sensor mounted on a wall inside beside the kitchen.
Internet connected water shut off valve installed on a water pipe.Plumber rubs water pipe with rag.

The Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve is the smart water flow control solution that automatically turns off water when a leak is detected, saving businesses thousand of dollars. Water flow can also be controlled remotely with the push of a button on the AlertAQ™ platform and app.

Shuttie runs on 4×CR123 batteries that can be replaced in the field allowing for greater installation flexibility and continued operation in a power outage.

Shuttie can be installed indoors and outdoors and is perfect for controlling the flow of water in risers, irrigation lines, main water supply lines, pressure release valve assemblies, sprinkler systems and more. With the ability to install multiple units at a single building, you can create water flow control zones to better manage water usage.

No Wi-Fi or local internet connection is required making Shuttie the ideal solution for commercial buildings that need reliable water flow control.

Shuttie works seamlessly with our award-winning intelligent water management system designed specifically for commercial buildings.


The Floodie flood sensor is a temperature and water leak detector that communicates with AlertAQ™ to make automatic water leak phone calls when it detects the physical presence of water.

No tools, WiFi, local internet connection or wired networks are needed.

Text, email and push notifications are also sent to designated users’ phones for water leaks and high/low temperatures whose thresholds are customizable.

Floodie has an IP67 waterproof rating, runs on 2 x AA batteries (which are field replaceable), and continues working in power outages. Floodie is a reliable choice for keeping your building safe from water damage.

With low battery notifications, audible leak alarms, the option to be placed horizontally or vertically, and a unique design that minimizes false positives, Floodie is easy to install and use. For added durability, Floodie can also be installed with a mounting bracket. Accessory cables for temperature and water leak detection allow Floodie to cover more area and more extreme temperatures which are present in areas such as commercial refrigerators.

In just 1 day, a 250,00 square-foot building can be outfitted with Floodies making it the smart, scalable choice for any organization looking to protect commercial buildings from water damage.

A water leak sensor is installed beside a water heater.A water leak detector is mounted to the baseboard in a bathroom between a toilet and a mop.
Thanks to AlertAQ™, we were there faster than another property manager who got a phone call from the fire alarm company.
— Associate Property Manager
Research Facility
Luxury Hotel Under Construction Saves $50,000

Luxury Hotel Under Construction Saves <span class="text-orange font-bold">$50,000 </span>

Leading construction companies and insurance carriers are using AlertAQ™ to avoid major water damage claims. See the full story.
Movie Studio Construction Project Avoids $2,000,000 in Water Damage

Movie Studio Construction Project Avoids <span class="text-orange font-bold"> $2,000,000 </span> in Water Damage

The AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform alerted facilities team to leak at a movie studio under construction. Read the full story.
Mid-rise Apartment Averts $50,000 in Damage with Temperature Monitoring

Mid-rise Apartment Averts <span class="text-orange font-bold">$50,000.</span> in Damage with Temperature Monitoring

Burst pipes due to freezing temperatures can be prevented with 24/7 water use and temperature monitoring from AlertAQ. Request a demo.
Alert Labs analyzes more than 25,000,000,000 gallons of water every year, has saved customers over $20,000,000 and has reduced CO2e emissions by over 80,000,000 pounds.
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