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Avoid damage, lower insurance claims, save on water bills, and conserve water with the most scalable, commercial water leak detection system.

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Commercial Water Sensor System with Shut-Off

Cellular-connected sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install and get to work right out of the box.
Flowie-O water flow sensor installed on outdoor water meter
Two Flowie-O water flow sensors installed on compound water meter indoors
Flowie-O water flow sensor installed in water meter pit

Water Monitoring System

The Flowie-O water flow sensor and water leak detector straps onto existing water meters in seconds. Flowie-O sends water flow data to the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform for analysis and emergency water use alerts. No pipe-cutting or WiFi required.
Floodie water leak detector in small puddle of water on blue floor
Hand holds Floodie water leak detector to show two gold contacts on bottom
Floodie water leak detector with flood cable installed on floor around water heater

Flood Detection System

Floodie is a battery-powered, reusable water leak detector and temperature sensor that helps prevent water damage. When it gets wet, AlertAQ™ calls building teams to report where the leak is. Floodie installs flat or upright and keeps working even in a power outage.
Shuttie automatic water shut off valve installed on water pipe
Shuttie automatic water shut off valve installed on cooling water intake line
Shuttie automatic water shut off valve installed on water pipe side view

Water Shut-off System

The Shuttie automatic water shut off valve allows users to stop water flow from anywhere with the tap of a button. Shuttie will also turn off the water automatically when Floodies detect a leak. Stop damage before it starts. Shuttie requires a licensed plumber to install.

Leak Detection Success

Data is gathered by the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform from commercial, multi-family, educational, institutional, and industrial buildings across North America.
average ROI
buildings installed
saved in water costs
Hot water heater in utility room full of pipes and pressure tank
Swimming pool in front of luxury condo
Irrigation sprinkler sprays water on green lawn
Condensate line pipe disconnected from side of HVAC unit indoors
Urinals in a public bathroom
Bathroom vanity sink and faucet in a hotel
Toilet stalls in a public bathroom
Floor drain on blue tiled floor
Washing machines in laundromat
Three cooling towers on roof of building with skyscrapers in the background

Water Detection

Server Rooms
Cooling towers
Hot water tanks
Trap primer valves
Irrigation systems
Washing machines
Pool fill lines


AI-Powered Commercial Leak Detection System

The AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform is the single pane of glass for portfolio-wide smart water management that sends alerts for leaks, floods, temperature, humidity, and power status as well as providing remote water shut-off.
Water use visibility
Minute-by-minute water flow information helps pinpoint problems.
Instant water leak alerts
Automated water leak phone calls and alerts help reduce response time to water damage events
Water leak detection & forecasting
Machine learning automatically identifies water waste.

10 Advantages
of Alert Labs’ Water Leak Detection Systems

Why cellular-connected water sensors and the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform outperform other consumer and commercial water management solutions

1. Over $80,000,000 saved

To date, customers have saved over $80,000,000, more than 7,500,000,000 gallons of water and 167,000,000 pounds of CO2e.

2. AI-powered water use insights

Developed in collaboration with property managers and industry experts, the AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform uses self-learning algorithms. It analyzes water flow at a building to identify wasted water. AlertAQ™ delivers real value in the form of reduced water bills, less water waste and decreased carbon emissions.

3. Scalable leak detection technology

Building teams can install Alert Labs water sensors at a 250,000 square foot building in as little as 1 day. Our corporate customers have installed our solutions at hundreds of buildings in as little as two months. With API integration and a consolidated approach to water metrics, the AlertAQ™ platform is the single pane of glass for water management at all buildings in your portfolio.

4. Secure and reliable network

Alert Labs sensors use a standalone, cellular signal rather than a building’s WiFi or wired network. Industry experts determine cellular network security protocols. And cellular connections keep working when a building loses power. WiFi networks rely on the people onsite to manage network access and can go offline due to power outages.

5. Easy-to-install water sensors

Alert Labs water detector technologies are among the easiest to install in the B2B water management systems sector. Most Alert Labs water sensors take less than one minute to install without tools. No WiFi or wireless network infrastructure required.

6. Customizable water leak detection system

Choose among the team of water sensors to create a water leak detection system that meets the requirements of each building. Solutions are available for water damage prevention, water bill reduction, sustainability tracking, automatic water shut-off, and temperature and humidity monitoring.

7. Installed at over 12,000 buildings

Over 12,000 buildings benefit from Alert Labs leak detection solutions. Building types include commercial buildings, construction sites, office towers, hotels, elementary and high schools, universities, retail bank branches, research facilities, community centers, multi-family housing, not-for-profit housing, and athletic facilities. In short, almost all commercial buildings with running water can benefit.

8. Built in North America

Alert Labs proudly manufactures its water sensors and designs the AlertAQ™ platform in North America. Local manufacturing means supply chain stability and quick fulfillment even for large orders.

9. Backed by a Fortune 500 company

Watsco Inc. (WSO), the largest HVACR distributor in North America, is the parent company of Alert Labs providing strong financial backing and ensuring the longevity of water solutions.

10. Award-winning technology

Alert Labs has won the following awards: BGIS Global Innovation Supplier Awards (Finalist), Deloitte's Fast 50 Clean Technology, The FacilitiesNet Vision Award, the Maintenance Innovation Award and the IBC Insurance 5-Star Insurance Tech Award

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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$1,000,000 in Water Damage Saved with AlertAQ™
A leading provider of facility management services installed Alert Labs water solutions at research facilities in North America to protect assets against water damage due to leaks. Over the course of two years, the AlertAQ™ platform has helped the company improve operational efficiency and avoid over $1,000,000 in water damage repair costs.
Low angle of a tall office building made of concrete
What our customers
are saying
5 star review
We installed Alert Labs devices on our campus early 2023. These are a great tool for floods and temperature issues on campus. It has saved us from a couple of small floods we had on site. I recommend these to other facilities.
Joe Lepore
5 star review
The algo[rithm] that measures, detects, and alerts abnormalities is brilliant and highly accurate. Many times it has detected a running toilet and saved us a significant amount of money on our water bill.
Danny Deadlock
Multi-family building owner
5 star review
Excellent product & excellent customer service!! Great work.
Mike Edwards
You can only manage what you measure.
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