Leak and flood detection for all buildings
Reduce R&M costs • Boost occupant satisfaction • Gain water use visibility
AlertAQ™ gives you cellular-connected smart building sensors and the Building Insights Platform that deliver actionable information 24/7, even in a power outage. Facility Management professionals achieve lower repair and maintenance costs (R&M) and greater building awareness. AlertAQ™ is alert day & night, so you can rest easy.

The AlertAQ™ Advantage
No WiFi or wired networks neededAPIs for existing BMS/BAS24/7 monitoring even during power outagesCustomizable alerts (text, email, in-app)Historical and real-time information in the Building Insights Dashboard

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Alert Labs works with you to identify which buildings need help and create a customized solution to meet your unique water management needs.
Floodie: Water Sensor
The battery-operated Floodie flood sensor calls your phone when water touches it. Place Floodie throughout resident suites and common areas: washing machines, under sinks, mechanical rooms.
Shuttie: Remote Water Shut-Off
The Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve stops water flow automatically when Floodie detects water or with the tap of a button from the Alert Labs App.
The flood would have been disastrous because two apartments and a common area are directly below the unit with the burst pipe. We estimate about $200,000 in damage was avoided thanks to Alert Labs automated alerts.
— Property Manager, New York
Luxury Manhattan Condo
Leak Detection with Water Use Monitoring
The Flowie-O water flow sensor tracks every drop of water that flows through the water meters at your communities. When there is a leak or when water use differs from normal water use patterns, instant alerts are sent to your phone and your team members’. No pipe cutting. Installs in seconds.
HVAC solutions, too!
Receive alerts when the A/C condensate line is clogged or there’s water in the drain pan. Ideal for HVAC contractors who want to grow their service agreement business and protect customers from costly water and mold damage.
Make water intelligence work for you.